Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Tech Tip # 6 (Microsoft Word: Print Preview)
You’ve just finished putting your heart and soul into creating the perfect test for your upcoming unit. You are so proud of your devotion to the pursuit of excellence and the quest to quench the thirst of knowledge. You go to print the test so that you can share with your team of teachers and out prints an extra blank page that you hadn’t expected. You assume it is the gremlins of students past playing tricks on you, so you try again, same result. You look around for the Candid Camera or for you new generation, the Punked Camera’s to see if someone is scamming you. Finally you blamed technology and gave up. Once again beaten into submission by the Technology Gods. However, now you can stand up and reclaim your technological dignity. There is a little known codicil in the Faber College bylaws, oops wrong scenario.
If you look on the Word Menu under File, for Print Preview or the icon on the shortcut menu, you can use this magic tool to “Shrink by one page and if it can it will automatically reduce margins, font, spacing, etc. all in an effort to shrink your measure of knowledge by one page, thereby saving paper and natural resources at the same time. So not only are you providing for the education of our future, but you are practicing sound environmental concepts at the same time. A WIN WIN situation.
Right Students?

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