Friday, October 29, 2010


Tech Tip # 7 (How to Improve Your “Outlook” on Life (CTRL + K and Shift + Delete)

Nowhere is technology more evident than in our avalanche of emails that we deal with on a daily basis. While this surely beats using a telephone or snailmail with a stick, it is still a daunting task to keep track of all of our E communications. In addition, this email collects in our Inboxes and approaches the density of a dark star and quickly fills up our mailboxes, thereby disabling our ability to receive more emails. Now wait a minute, my mailbox fills up and I can’t get more email. Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! No Email to worry about, that’s a bad thing Right?
No district memos, no parent requests, no Idol Results, No Last chance to invest in the franchising of Exotic Ant Farms Spam emails. Ok you get the point. In Outlook (not Outlook on the web )when you need to send an email to that Baird guy about your TetraData account because of that darn “Inactive” message. However, you don’t know how to spell his name or what his email address is, here is a simple solution. Get your email ready and click the ‘To” Field, then type the first few letters of the name and use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + K and you will get the check names dialog box. Choose that Baird guys name and OK. You can now send off a pithy message about accessing your data.

The next helpful tip combines a recent Technology Tip on using CTRL + Click or Shift + Click to select multiple items in a list.
Here at Data Central, we like to follow the educational pedagogy and provide cross curriculum and multi grade level stuff to lay the foundation of becoming fluent in the language of Technology.
Lets say for instance that someone in the district has sent you a 7 MG Instruction Handout on how to open the Instruction Handout. Coupled with all of your other emails dealing with Ants R US you have filled your email mailbox and you now need to delete emails in order to get the newest offers on collecting your inheritance from your long lost 17th second cousin twice removed on your fathers uncle’s side as long as you pay the $367 taxes in cash.
To insure that you delete the file and then don’t have to delete from the deleted items folder. If you hold the Shift Key down as you delete the email it will automatically delete from your Deleted Items . Thereby saving your mailbox for really important messages. For past Technology Tips you can find them by visiting:

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