Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessing

I've just returned from upstate NY where my family gathered for Thanksgiving. My sister, who hosts the annual event has a lovely holiday tradition that I wanted to share with you.
Each year instead of using a normal table top or tablecloth, we use posterboard material that we actually write on with our personal Thanksgiving Day Thanks. We then share with each other what we have written and the warmth and love that emanates from around that table is as the visa commercial states “priceless”.
This also allows those of our family that are unable to travel to share in their Thanksgiving Blessings and make this the special moment that it has become to all of us.
Here is my Thanksgiving blessing:
In a world filled with want and strife I stand before you a truly blessed man. I am so thankful for my family past, present and future for giving me the inner strength to survive. I would not be the man I am without your love and support and I hope you know the joy and comfort your love continuously brings to me.
Thank you one and all.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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