Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nurses, Nurses, Everywhere

On Tuesday and Wednesday (8/3 and 8/4) I am presenting at the School Nurses Institute at CLIU 21. I am giving a lecture on Technology and how to effectively make use of it.
Doing all the prep work for the conference has brought back fond memories of growing up many years ago and my Mom working as a Nurse at the Robert Packer Hospital. This experience led me to volunteer as a hospital volunteer Candy Striper the summer of my junior year in college when no job was available. What a great time I had that summer.The people that I worked with made the summer a lasting memory.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nomadic Redheads

Redheads has found a new home.
Drawing upon our ancient nomadic Redheaded heritage, Redhead Profiling has moved from Edublogs to Google's Blogger. Following the global appeal and worldwide support and requests I am now taking advantage of "All Things Google".
I have transferred all of my original posts from Edublogs to Google's Blogger. This mirrors the move of my website: to Google as well. Because of this move, as in all moves, things are a bit discombobulated and out of place, so my posts don't follow an exact timeline at the moment. In my next few spare seconds of free time, I will tidy things up a bit (I'd say 2013 should be about right.)
Please follow the exciting exploits of Redheads being Profiled.
Finally, to paraphrase the movie Apollo 13, Farewell Edublogs, you've been a good friend.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dragging Them Into the 21st Century Kicking and Screaming May 2010

As a confirmed computer junkie combined with a the writing itch, I am doing what comes naturally. I'm writing a blog and I am including material from a Newsletter I write on a monthly basis entitled Tech Tips. Learn and laugh at the same time. Enjoy.

This is the beginning of a regular feature dealing with technology. Much of what we do with the TetraData Warehouse
deals with computers and technology one way or the other.
In this column I hope to offer you tips and tricks so you can utilize the data warehouse and technology to it’s fullest.
This is designed for the novice user but hopefully even the most experienced user can find some helpful reminders
Tech Tip # 1 (Chill)
There are always many ways of dealing with technology and my best piece of general advice to anyone would be to
understand that if something is not working the way that you expect it work, there are usually at least 17 other ways of
doing the same thing. The point is to chill, if something isn’t working out, just try a different approach.
Tech Tip # 2 (Screen Shot/Capture)
Screen Shots or Screen Captures are a valuable resource no matter what area of technology you are dealing with. I literally use Screen Shots multiple times every single day. Here are step by step directions on how to make and utilize a
screenshot. (The goal is to be able to take a picture of something on your computer screen and use it elsewhere.) The only proviso is that it requires a great deal of concentration and hand eye coordination.. So be prepared to earn your valuable reward, it is not for the faint of heart.;)
Step 1: Open up a blank word document or any program that will display pictures or graphics.
Step 2: Find something on your computer screen that you want to take a picture of, your favorite web site for example,
for many of you I am sure it would be the PaDept of Ed. ( Wherever it is, go there now.
Step 3: Look down on your keyboard and in most cases on the top right hand side of your keyboard or in the “F” row
of keys, find the Print Screen button (see below for example.) Look now, that’s ok, I’ll wait for you.
Ok your back. Good. Go back to the screen that you want to capture a picture. Once there, find the print screen button we mentioned earlier. Ok, here comes the hand eye coordination and focus skills part. Press Print Screen. Now sit back and watch the fireworks. What’s that you say, I must have done something wrong?? ;)
In all seriousness, once you have pressed Print Screen, go to the open blank word document and paste into the document
(Edit Menu/Paste or Control +V) You should see a copy of whatever was on your screen at the moment you
pressed Print Screen. How cool is that! Remember you heard it here first. (For those of you with laptops you may need to press Print Screen with your Function Key , you can tell if the Print Screen is written in Blue as opposed to the other
keys, if so, you need to press both Function and Print Screen at the same time.
I use screen shots in many ways, one way is in the design of this newsletter. I also use it to show step by step directions so that the user can follow along both with directions and pictures as well.
I joke around but in all seriousness it is an invaluable resource that I continue to find new
ways of utilizing. I would welcome hearing from you if you knew about screenshots and
on how you use screenshots. Also for the newbie's, drop me a line and let me know how this is working out for you.
Here are some websites that offer directions on how to do screenshots.
Of course as the culmination of a teachable moment I must include a Screenshot. So I am including a screenshot of a screenshot. Very existential isn't it. For those of you that
have been paying attention, you may notice something different about this screenshot. You may be wondering if this picture was totally filling up my screen when I pressed Print Screen. You will have to wait for the May edition to learn the exciting conclusion of “HOW DO I TAKE A SCREENSHOT? THE SEQUEL”


Tech Tip # 5 (Selection Commands: Shift & Control)
About once a week you get the message that your email mailbox is full and that you need to delete email so that you can receive important emails like the “Data on Demand” Newsletter and all of those email updates from the Office of Accountability. So you check your schedule and block out the next seventeen days to accomplish this task. Point click delete, point click delete. As you lose consciousness a bright light shines on you The answer you are looking for is using your computers Selection commands to do large amounts of selections all at one time. These will be referred to Shift Click Selection Method and the Control Click Selection Method. Both methods involve multitasking and require you to use your mouse and your keyboard at the same time.
As the name implies the Shift Click uses the mouse and the Shift Key on your keyboard Shift Click allows you to select in a range of items. Place your mouse on the beginning of a list of items and left click once, not twice, like on the 17 emails you want to delete. Now hold down your shift key and go to the end of the list and while holding the shift key still down, left click on end of the list and you will get the following effect below on the left:
Shift Click allows you to select in a range of items. Place your mouse on the beginning of a list of items and left click once, not twice, like on the 17 emails you want to delete. Now hold down your shift key and go to the end of the list
and while holding the shift key still, left click on end of the list and you will get the following effect:All items will be highlighted and you can delete or whatever your heart desires.

Control Select can be used in the same way, but the main difference is when you use the shift click you get all items in the list. With Control you can pick and choose from the list to highlight or deselect as you desire. For example , if I wanted to
Select most but not all, I could shift click and then control click to get the desired effect pictured on the right.
Let the Rejoicing Begin!

"Dear Lucky Agent" Contest

"Dear Lucky Agent" Contest:

Memoir and Narrative Nonfiction

I have entered my memoir "The World According to this Redhead" in the Literary Guide "Dear Lucky Agent" Contest. Clck here to go to their site:

Check back later to see the results. Wish me luck.
Here is a summary of their contest.
Welcome to the first "Dear Lucky Agent" Contest on the GLA blog. This will be
a recurring online contest with agent judges and super-cool prizes. Here's the deal: With every contest, the details are essentially the same, but the niche itself changes - meaning each contest is focused around a specific category or two. So if you're writing book-length memoir or narrative nonfiction, this first contest is for you!

Book Signing at the Moravian Book Shop 12/18/09

The Bethlehem Writers Group will be appearing at a follow up to our book signing sellout at the oldest book store in the United States at the Moravian Bookstore in Bethlehem, PA this Friday night from 5-7 PM. on 12/18/09

Please stop by and say hello. Here is link to their website.

As always visit the Bethlehem Writers Group for updates from our group. #17 Kindle E-Book Ranking

Highest ranking yet, we have moved up to # 17 in Christmas Bestsellers Kindle Version on Hopefully the book version will soon follow as we move up the ranking for the top 100.

Christmas Newsletter: On the Cheap

I am reaching out to all forms of multimedia, I was featured today in the Morning Call for a column by Spencer Sopher entitled "On the Cheap"

The column dealt with my christmas newsletters that I send out during the holiday season in emails as a pdf, thereby eliminating the mailing cost, hence the reference to "On the Cheap"

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas Sampler Sells out at Moravian Bookstore

Wow, is all I can say. Ok so I have a bit more to say, but after you read this can you blame me?
I just returned from our book signing at the oldest bookstore in the United States, Moravian Bookstore in Bethlehem PA. We sold out of 42 books in less than three hours. It was a totally awesome and unbelievable experience. I can only hope to duplicate the experience many times over and may I never get totally used to the feeling.

Presentations of the Future

I recently participated in a new form of presentation that has a great deal of potential. I co presented a webinar to hundreds of school districts across the United States from the comfort of my office. The presentation topic was using technololgy in dealing with the RtI process in education and had similar tools as in any other presentation that I have given. The only difference was that it was not delievered face to face. Other than that it had all the same interaction as you would expect. I would have loved to present at a national audience in Chicago, the home of Follett Software, the presentation sponsor, but in todays economy this was a workable compromise.

Who knows what will come with this technology, but one thing for sure, it is a new tool in the presentation arsenal.

A Brave New World

Hi all, gave my first webinar presentation a few days ago and what a great blend of technology and presentations. School districts from all over the country were wathcing the presentation in the comfort of their home or office.

Drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Base 10 Number System

For any of you that happened to watch Channel 13 Valley Report from Blue Ridge last night you undoubtlably noticed that I was looking rather portly, except when I was posing with my book poster and trying to appear pensive.I had always heard that the camera put on 10 pounds, well apparently they were counting in the Base 10 number system by all appearences.

However, besides my appearance, it was a wonderful piece about my Redhead work and great publicity for the Bethlehem Writers Group, of which I am a contributing member.

If interested go to for more info on our group.

Here is link to a pdf that contains our current book signing schedule.


Those of you that follow the Redhead Profiling Blog, now have another reason to brag.

The Bethlehem Writers Group of which I am a contributing author, aka BWG, recently published Christmas Anthology: A Christmas Sampler: Sweet, Funny, and Strange Holiday Tales has just been awaded Honorable Mention in the 2009 DIY Book Festival.

A Christmas Sampler – Bethlehem Writers Group
Christmas Sampler includes my A Redheaded Holiday: Countdown to a Christmas Hug.

#16 Xmas Category

While we are sad :( the holiday season is over with, this should bring back the warm glow of Christmas cheers.
For the 7th straight week the BWB has been listed in the top 100 for E-Book Kindle Chirstmas story categories.
A Christmas Sampler: Sweet, Funny, and Strange Holiday Tales which includes my own redheaded story. A Redheaded Holiday: Countdown to a Christmas Hug.
Let the holiday cheer continue :)
Christmas Sampler Kindle Site

PETE&C Pa Technology Conference 2010

I'm attending the 2020 PETE & C technology conference. Listened to Sir Ken Robinson, author of "The Element". Great speech, focused on returning education to a more agrarian syle of planting, nuturing and caring atmosphere as opposed to an Industrial Revolution standardized style of educating.
Speaks to the journey inside yourself to reach for your potential, there is no time frame for this journey. This rings so true with me, as I have been on this journey of reinventing myslelf for years.
This conference energizes me every year, the speakers are top notch and worth the price of admission alone.

Making it to the Big Time

That's right folks, I finally joined the 21st century and created a virtual world all for myself. It was a long time coming, and really the delay was due to some very technical issues. Namely me finding the time to get around to it. It is usually the case that I am the weakest link in all my endeavors.
The really cool part is that I now own my name. A wise investment to be sure. However, someone beat me to the big, big time. I had to settle for the secondary big time.
I now own the link to
Unfortunately someone beat me to the .com domain. I plan on making them an offer they can't refuse to relinquish the naming rights to the .com site.
Right now I have very little posted other than a template and some links but more will follow. As soon as I find the time to update. Possibly the 22nd century.
See you online.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010 MU Alumni Weekend

Animoto. This is a great idea, wonderful way of creating online shareable photo albums. I have the free version but this is limited to just 30 seconds, the paid version gives you lots more options, I'm going to look into this.
2010 MU Alumni Weekend