Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Making it to the Big Time

That's right folks, I finally joined the 21st century and created a virtual world all for myself. It was a long time coming, and really the delay was due to some very technical issues. Namely me finding the time to get around to it. It is usually the case that I am the weakest link in all my endeavors.
The really cool part is that I now own my name. A wise investment to be sure. However, someone beat me to the big, big time. I had to settle for the secondary big time.
I now own the link to
Unfortunately someone beat me to the .com domain. I plan on making them an offer they can't refuse to relinquish the naming rights to the .com site.
Right now I have very little posted other than a template and some links but more will follow. As soon as I find the time to update. Possibly the 22nd century.
See you online.

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