Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nomadic Redheads

Redheads has found a new home.
Drawing upon our ancient nomadic Redheaded heritage, Redhead Profiling has moved from Edublogs to Google's Blogger. Following the global appeal and worldwide support and requests I am now taking advantage of "All Things Google".
I have transferred all of my original posts from Edublogs to Google's Blogger. This mirrors the move of my website: to Google as well. Because of this move, as in all moves, things are a bit discombobulated and out of place, so my posts don't follow an exact timeline at the moment. In my next few spare seconds of free time, I will tidy things up a bit (I'd say 2013 should be about right.)
Please follow the exciting exploits of Redheads being Profiled.
Finally, to paraphrase the movie Apollo 13, Farewell Edublogs, you've been a good friend.

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